Rise up for the Climate

  On September 8th there will be events all over the world under the heading 'Rise up for the Climate'.  A coalition are planning a march and rally in Bristol. Have a look, there's probably one near you. Meanwhile, I'm standing for election as a jobshare with Britta Goodman in the Green Party for the … Continue reading Rise up for the Climate

Unusual business needed

15,000 scientists write to say this is our last chance... and offer 13 things we humans can do to stave off even worse climate change. Instead of feeling even more scared, I am cheered... So the secret is nearly out! There will come a point, soon, when people will demand that governments move. And it … Continue reading Unusual business needed

Setting targets for reducing carbon emissions

Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn (by my standards) I am off to the Green Party conference, so as to get there in time for a meeting of the Climate Change Policy working group. We are both united and divided. At five o'clock on Sunday a plenary session of the conference will choose between … Continue reading Setting targets for reducing carbon emissions

Global warming: a clear mandate needed!

Recently we had a 'snap' election in the UK. Prime Minister Theresa May wanted a mandate for a 'hard' exit from the European Union. She was left with egg on her face, and no mandate. But what does 'having a mandate' mean?  If you ask someone a question to which they can only reply 'yes' … Continue reading Global warming: a clear mandate needed!