“Don’t worry, it’s only history.”

The co-counselling workshop in the Gambia is over. Eighteen participants have made their dusty ways to their various homes. They are pleased, they want to participate further and use the tool for their activism. They kept their focus over a packed, intense programme. They were funny, lively, committed, co-operative, friendly, intelligent.  Now just five of … Continue reading “Don’t worry, it’s only history.”



For the last couple of weeks my 'adventures in greenland' have been internal. I've been ill, members of my family have been ill, then as soon as I recovered I went to a co-counselling workshop. There, in a youth centre in the woods, the leader invited us to remember, or dare to imagine, how confusing and distressing were our … Continue reading Silence

Despair and complacency

LAST WEEK I WENT TO TWO MEETINGS My first meeting was small, in the back room of an anarchist cafe. Heavy vegan cake - but free. A dedicated place where for 20 years activists have organised, people have been fed every Sunday for very little or no money, where the profit motive has no place at … Continue reading Despair and complacency