Have you noticed the absence of environmental issues in the media whenever there are big party political struggles, as currently in the UK, or where capitalist profits are at stake? The public visible world concerns economic growth or lack of it, interest rates, proposed burka bans, migration, terrorist attacks, the Olympics, the intentions of China or Russia. All these … Continue reading Bees

An unusual meeting

At the end of June, I went to the middle-class conference in Toronto which I referred to in my last post. And since I’d decided to emit all that carbon, on the way home I spent two weeks with old friends in Newfoundland, where I once worked. It was hard to follow the news in … Continue reading An unusual meeting

Knowing and not-knowing

This is a post about the middle class - my class. We are an odd bunch. Our role in capitalist society is to make it run well. To administer it. To justify it, to legitimise it. To contain and comfort its victims. To punish them. To divide them. To manage its workers. To heal them. To … Continue reading Knowing and not-knowing

Going backwards on Climate Change

Crazy idea. A backwards march? For someone like me with extensive arthritis, the idea is horrific. We were called upon to do a local march to coincide with the London one on Sunday May 8th, but I decided straight away that if anyone walked backwards it would be for a short time - or a … Continue reading Going backwards on Climate Change

UK junior doctors’ strike – and climate change.

The junior doctors were on strike yesterday - April 6th 2016 - and again today. I've just come back from the picket line. ('Junior' doctors in the UK are qualified and not necessarily young. They may have been working in the NHS for 15 years and heading up teams, but they are not yet consultants, and are continuing … Continue reading UK junior doctors’ strike – and climate change.


At a co-counselling workshop for middle-class people last weekend, the leader was urging us to organise to change the world. He emphasised that middle-agent roles in society are designed to make things run smoothly, to make a bad system work (for those who benefit from it). As individual middle-class people, as teachers, nurses, managers, administrators, … Continue reading Organising


For the last couple of weeks my 'adventures in greenland' have been internal. I've been ill, members of my family have been ill, then as soon as I recovered I went to a co-counselling workshop. There, in a youth centre in the woods, the leader invited us to remember, or dare to imagine, how confusing and distressing were our … Continue reading Silence

Where Now?

The Greens in Bristol have 14 councillors, 7 of them women. (They are all white, and that's been the subject of discussion and struggle in 'Equality and Diversity' and various other meetings.) Here are some of them outside the Council House, holding a sign welcoming refugees. In the city council elections, they got 25% of the … Continue reading Where Now?