Knowing and not-knowing

This is a post about the middle class - my class. We are an odd bunch. Our role in capitalist society is to make it run well. To administer it. To justify it, to legitimise it. To contain and comfort its victims. To punish them. To divide them. To manage its workers. To heal them. To … Continue reading Knowing and not-knowing


Where Now?

The Greens in Bristol have 14 councillors, 7 of them women. (They are all white, and that's been the subject of discussion and struggle in 'Equality and Diversity' and various other meetings.) Here are some of them outside the Council House, holding a sign welcoming refugees. In the city council elections, they got 25% of the … Continue reading Where Now?

Despair and complacency

LAST WEEK I WENT TO TWO MEETINGS My first meeting was small, in the back room of an anarchist cafe. Heavy vegan cake - but free. A dedicated place where for 20 years activists have organised, people have been fed every Sunday for very little or no money, where the profit motive has no place at … Continue reading Despair and complacency