Knowing and not-knowing

This is a post about the middle class - my class. We are an odd bunch. Our role in capitalist society is to make it run well. To administer it. To justify it, to legitimise it. To contain and comfort its victims. To punish them. To divide them. To manage its workers. To heal them. To … Continue reading Knowing and not-knowing


Green Views on Paris Agreement summarised

"By comparison to what it could have been, it’s a miracle. By comparison to what it should have been, it’s a disaster" wrote George Monbiot in the Guardian on 12th Dec. The inclusion of the aspiration towards a 1.5 degrees limit is a 'resounding victory'. But, but, but... "Our governments talk of not burdening future generations with debt. … Continue reading Green Views on Paris Agreement summarised

The March that wasn’t… and inside the COP

Because I'm working, if you call activism working, almost all the time, this blog will always be a bit late. But then it's an inside view. And an inside view is only the bit you see. We went to the human chain, and we talked and listened to activists, but I never saw the huge … Continue reading The March that wasn’t… and inside the COP