The Paris agreement comes into force. Good luck Marrakesh…

Over 55% of signatories to the Paris COP21 agreement have now ratified it, so it comes into force. Happy? Not yet. 'Ratification' means that the individual countries have gone through whatever processes they had to at home to legally bind their country to this international agreement. The Paris agreement remains a success of good will and … Continue reading The Paris agreement comes into force. Good luck Marrakesh…

Knowing and not-knowing

This is a post about the middle class - my class. We are an odd bunch. Our role in capitalist society is to make it run well. To administer it. To justify it, to legitimise it. To contain and comfort its victims. To punish them. To divide them. To manage its workers. To heal them. To … Continue reading Knowing and not-knowing

Going backwards on Climate Change

Crazy idea. A backwards march? For someone like me with extensive arthritis, the idea is horrific. We were called upon to do a local march to coincide with the London one on Sunday May 8th, but I decided straight away that if anyone walked backwards it would be for a short time - or a … Continue reading Going backwards on Climate Change

Green Views on Paris Agreement summarised

"By comparison to what it could have been, it’s a miracle. By comparison to what it should have been, it’s a disaster" wrote George Monbiot in the Guardian on 12th Dec. The inclusion of the aspiration towards a 1.5 degrees limit is a 'resounding victory'. But, but, but... "Our governments talk of not burdening future generations with debt. … Continue reading Green Views on Paris Agreement summarised

Spaces and Stories

As you get onto the shuttle buses at Le Bourget station you are herded between barriers and waved into the right door by young men and women with pleasant unvarying smiles. A few yards behind them stand the armed police, ready to step forward if you refuse to be managed. And as you get off your bus and … Continue reading Spaces and Stories

The March that wasn’t… and inside the COP

Because I'm working, if you call activism working, almost all the time, this blog will always be a bit late. But then it's an inside view. And an inside view is only the bit you see. We went to the human chain, and we talked and listened to activists, but I never saw the huge … Continue reading The March that wasn’t… and inside the COP